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Natural Herbs Instead of Pharmacuticals

Dr. Uffe Ravnskov
Uffe Ravnskov was born 1934 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He graduated in 1961 from the University of Copenhagen with an M.D, but has worked most of his time as a clinician and a researcher in Sweden, where he got his PhD from the University of Lund. He has published more than 100 papers and letters critical of the cholesterol campaign; most of them in major medical journals. Honored by the Skrabanek Award 1999 given by Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland for original contributions in the field of medical skepticism, and by the 2007 Leo-Huss-Walin Prize for Independent Thinking in Natural Sciences And Medicine. He is a member of the editorial board of two medical journals and is the creator and spokesman of THINCS, The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics (, an organization that includes more than 100 researchers and other university graduates from all over the world. More details about Uffe Ravnskov are available on 

This is what he wrote (I have been exposed to spoofing meaning that somebody is able to send rude emails with my name as sender. If you have received such a letter, please inform me and please forward the mail to me.) 
His book written in 2010 titled: Ignore the Awkward.: How the Cholesterol Myths Are Kept Alive. He was on coasttocaostam Nov. 15th.

If you have high Cholesterol this is a must read. Because all those aches, and pains you feel are most likely side effects of Statin drugs like Lipitor. 
Cholesterol is one of most important molecules in the body.  We make hormones in the brain where cholesterol is most needed.

With young people when they suffer from stress, they produce cholesterol. So their cholesterol goes up but this is not the problem, it is the stress. You do not need to take a statin drug that will make you impotent by 45 years old. 
Cholesterol is life saving. We produce 3 to 4 times more cholesterol in the body naturally than eating food high in cholesterol. 

He has published more than 100 peer review journals in the Lancet new England, and in all the largest medical journals. They only asked for about a million papers to go out. Most of them are not even interested now. They actually stopped sending them out. Last year a journal came out that said everyone should be on statins.  
My own doctor told me that he thinks everybody should be on statins! He must have read that journal!  I will be telling him about this book. Twelve years ago they made 29 Billion  on Statins. The companies that made the most money in the world are published online.  
Experts, such as The Heart and lung association don't pay much attention to these journals because they want to sell the statins to make more money by having as many people as possible on them. 
There is a concerted effort to discredit his decades of research. Do people believe in what the Heart and Lung Association says? Or will people believe the truth, and side effects he publishes? They will believe in the former. Because we are so brainwashed by the American Association. He is from Sweden. 
HDL, and CDl they are names of small bubbles that carry blood through our veins. We make three times more  Cholesterol in the body than from what we eat.  It is life saving.  A natural process.
His first book: The Cholesterol Myth is out of print. No publishers want to republish it. So, he wrote this other one in 2010!  I never heard of it? 
In the sixties they followed 5,000 people for thirty years who had high cholesterol.  
The people with low or normal cholesterol died younger than people with high cholesterol. Dr. Utfe Ravnosky says that people in their fifties lived the longest. 

The statin drugs have the worst side effects such as, muscle weakness, muscle pains, (you will be diagnosed with fibromyalgia) If it's irritability, you'll get an antidepressant which has it's own side effects one of which is suicidal thoughts, and depression, memory loss.  The side effects happens in a month or two. Twenty percent of the people have become impotent. They go to the doctor, and get Viagra which is very expensive. A blood test called CK could be taken. Make sure a blood test includes a liver count.
They made statin drugs to make money. More people are going to the doctors for the side effects from statins. Making more people to become patents. 
Since they came out with a dietary plan that we are not to eat carbohydrates, no eggs, no real butter. We have an epidemic of diabetes and it started after these diet recommendations were put out by the health dept. 

The start of hardening of arteries microorganisms that make the capillaries smaller. When you get an infection, and the lipoproteins becomes so big it clogs the capillaries. Also other factors and stress will make high homocysteine in the blood which makes a person more prone to inflammation in the blood vessels.

Hardening of the arteries are a reaction to viral infection, bacteria, and all kinds of infections. They will grow, and will constrict the small capillaries. 

   If the grid goes down, you won't be able to get your medication. Most pharmacies will only have aspirin, and basic things. 

Originally all our drugs came from natural sources during  WWI and WW2 when Germany controlled the raw masteries. Then the US companies started synthetic drugs like valerian which was made into valium. 

We need to teach children how to garden as a recreational sport.  Children are our only hope for agricultural reform.  Soil less cultivation is what we need like hydroponics gardening. We need to make greenhouses so the food doesn't get contaminated by rain, and what else is in the air.  

Make sure to wash off the solar panels and wash the covers on the greenhouses. 
Echinacea is the first thing to store. Angustifolia has a root that has a bark on it used to reduce fever from malaria, arthritis, is used in a tincture.  

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